Eligibility and Reimbursement Policy

This form is outdated and will be updated with the most current information for the 2018 Meeting as soon as it is developed – In the meantime, we area leaving this here as a placeholdler for that update!

Student Competitions Participants Eligibility Requirements

Participants must be an:

  • Undergraduate or graduate at a Region 5 school
  • IEEE student member at the time of registration.
  • Enrolled within an active IEEE Region 5 Student Branch at the time of registration.

Student and Branch Reimbursement Policy for 2018 Annual Meeting

The Region feels that Student Competitions are a vital part of the Annual Meeting and provide monetary support to offset some of the expenses for participating.  This support budgeted and allocated in the following manner for 2016:

Activity Region 5 Branch Reimbursement Region 5 Individual Reimbursement and Registration
Robotics $XX None
Circuit Design $XX None
Ethics $XX None
Region – Student Paper None Travel reimbursement as described below to the top 3 finalists in each Area that are submitted.
Area – Student Paper None None
Standards TBD None
Counselor Participation Local – $XX;  Otherwise – $XX None


Individual Reimbursements – Compliance with the established Region 5 Travel Policy is required and it is posted at .  Two nights of lodging at the Conference Hotel via the IEEE website will be allowed.  Please confirm the rate as being the conference rate.  Registration IS part of the R5 Travel Policy, however meals are included in the registration fee.  Please consult the written travel policy for other allowed expenses and process to reimburse.  Items not reimbursed include car rental, entertainment, telephone calls, Internet, etc. Please see IEEE Region 5 Travel Policy for details and process for reimbursement.

Branch Reimbursements – To be disbursed the morning of the opening competitions, April 9, 2016.  Each branch registered will be called and the Treasurer, Chair or Counselor will be handed the check to deposit in their branch’s checking account.  A substitute from the school is allowed.   No other time will be permitted to pick up your check at the Annual Meeting and they will not be mailed. The branch reimbursement is for participation and if you’re not there, it would indicate you are not participating.


Student Award Policy for 2016 Annual Meeting

The Region will make the following cash awards available for 2016 Student Competitions.

All Region 5 Awards are taxable income by the US IRS.  Therefore a W-8 (foreign person) and W-9 (US person) withholding form is required to be sent to the Region 5 Treasurer prior to disbursement to the winner.  Please use the IEEE substitute forms at this website


Activity Region 5 Awards
1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Robotics $XX $XX $XX
Circuit Design $XX $XX $XX
Ethics $XX $XX $XX
Region – Student Paper $XX $XX $XX
Area – Student Paper $XX $XX $XX
Standards $XX $XX $XX

Winners will be awarded in the following manner:

Area – Student Paper Awards will be disbursed to the winner through US Mail once the Region 5 Treasurer is notified.

All Other Awards will be disbursed upon conclusion of the Award’s Banquet in Kansas City on the evening of April 9, 2016.  The winners will be informed at the Banquet where to pick up their check and they will be given a W-8 or W-9 to complete onsite.  The student should come prepared with their Tax ID number.