Bradley Updyke, PE

Conference Chair

Bradley Updyke, PE first earned his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering at the University of South Florida in Tampa. Bradley is currently licensed  in Texas, California, and Nevada. He is currently a project manager at Telios and owner of an affiliate firm, Teliosity. He doubles as a manager for the certified HUB and minority owned building, where they prioritize system engineering and construction. Beyond this he has led electrical engineering for various real estate projects including, new micro-hospitals, entertainment facilities, medical office buildings and Texas educational facilities.

While in college, Bradley received the Engineering Student of the Year award from the Florida Engineering Society (“FES”) Tampa chapters, and he began his participation in IEEE in 2014. As an active IEEE Houston Section member, Bradley received the IEEE Volunteer Appreciation award in 2014 and 2015. In 2019, he received the IEEE Young Engineer of the Year. This award is given to an outstanding Houston Section Young Professional member during Houston Engineers Week. Bradley will serve as the Conference Chair of GreenTech 2022.

Michelle Patrick-Krueger

R5 Conference Student Competitions Chair

Michelle Patrick-Krueger is the Founder and CEO of ADAK Digital, a consulting firm that specializes in digital technology selection and in-house development to create tangible benefits from software and sensor technology. Michelle has been a lead for various projects in other non-profit organizations, including IEEE, Engineers Without Borders, and Rotary. She is also the founder of Engineers in Real Life, a career fair meant to help area students learn what it means to be an engineer. Michelle currently serves as the Public Relations Chair for the IEEE Galveston Bay Section and is also the Student Competitions Chair for IEEE Region 5 Conference 2022.

Dr. Paul Potier

R5 Robotics Competition

Dr. Paul Potier has been a Professor of Practice in the Marine Engineering Technology department at Texas A&M University at Galveston for the past 4 years, and teaching for almost 10 years. He has nearly 25 years of industry experience, 14 of which were spent at Motorola. While there, he managed development projects of leading edge radio frequency chips and processor designs. He has been an active and dedicated IEEE member for over 40 years, starting as an undergraduate student at Lamar University. He enjoys the ability to connect with other electrical engineers, as well as the relationships and comradery that comes as a result.

“I enjoy being connected to my fellow electrical engineers and with my profession overall. Although many of us may have rather intense and busy professional lives, it is always enjoyable to be able to participate in activities and meetings, have great discussions with colleagues and learn new developments in our field”he says. 

During the Upcoming 2022 GreenTech Conference, Dr. Potier will be coordinating the student robotics competition. He looks forward to the ideas that students will bring to life and what they may discover in the process. His expectation for students as they perform in the competition is that “[The] concepts of what robots can do may evolve as they explore the possibilities of performing underwater tasks.” “Our oceans currently employ numerous types of underwater structures, pipelines and cabling.” Dr. Potier is excited about the students’ ideas and contributions despite the range of emotions they may face. “ I look forward to seeing the teams exercise their designs as a culmination of their work on those projects. Emotions may range from frustration to elation as they work together to complete the competition.”

Dr. Sarhan Musa

R5 Student Ethics Competition

Earning a Ph.D. from the City University of New York, Dr. Sarhan Musa is a 19 year tenure professor at Prairie View A&M University, as well as the founder and current director of Prairie View Networking Academy. As an IEEE Senior member, Dr. Musa has authored over a dozen books on engineering and mathematics, and co-authored almost 30 IEEE publications, and has served as an active volunteer and supporter for 17 years. His dedication and effort to the IEEE community is notable, exhibiting our motto of Advancing Technology for Humanity. With that in mind, it is no surprise that he would be involved in the 2022 IEEE Green Technology Conference (GreenTech), especially when you consider some of the research publications which he has been involved with. Topics such as artificial intelligence/machine learning in renewable energy, engineering analysis for energy commercial operations, optimization of energy and power distribution systems,  and EMC/EMI of smart grid devices and systems.

Dr. Musa is keen on the importance of IEEE and its impact for professionals and students. In his words, “It is great to help society, especially the future STEM leaders. It’s great for students because it will help them to network, learn about the latest technology, and improve their technical and communication skills.” He has been acknowledged for his volunteering efforts for serving as a volunteer and judge in the Ethics competition of IEEE R5 Meeting 2018. He will be overseeing the student ethics competition at 2022 GreenTech. While there, he looks forward to the impact of GreenTech 2022 to broaden the knowledge of the public, and emerging technology concepts like AI and machine learning in renewable energy.

James D. Epkins Jr.

R5 Webmaster

James Epkins Jr. is a third year undergraduate majoring in electrical engineering at Lamar University. He will serve as the Webmaster for the 2022 GreenTech website. James has been an IEEE member since 2019 and has also served as the IEEE Houston Section Webmaster for 2 years. He has an interest in electrical power systems and is a member of  the IEEE Power and Energy Society (PES). Some of his interests include smart grid technology, grid reliability. James is seeking to one day work with the design and development of high voltage electrical systems and looks forward to making an impact through the building, designing, or maintaining a reliable and sustainable grid.