2021 Region 5 Annual Meeting Information

In 2021 we’re excited to try something completely different for the Region 5 Annual Meeting and Student Competitions on April 10, 2021 which will be hosted by Denver Section. The Conference is going virtual for everyone’s health and safety.

This has created some interesting challenges in how we hold the Conference but this format has some significant advantages as well.  In particular:

  • No cost for the Student Competitions.  Student Teams will be required to register and pay a Refundable Deposit for entering the Student Competitions and the deposit will be refunded after the teams participate in the Competition.
  • There will be no registration fee to participate in the Region 5 Annual Business meeting
  • Participants will incur no costs for transportation or hotels.

For the Student Competitions, the teams will manage their local needs such as a drone / playing field / balloons / helium for the Robotics Competition or access to the needed equipment for the Circuit Design Competition (Region 5 will provide the components).  Our hope is that this will enable more students to be able to compete in these competitions.  Check out the Student Competition webpages.  Student Teams interested in competing will need also need to complete the Intent to Compete forms on the individual Student Competition web pages.  Please submit your forms as soon as you can so that we can plan to accommodate everyone.

We will continue to update the website as we have more details to provide.  At this time we haven’t determined if there will be a need for participants to register even though there is no registration fee.

We are looking forward to a great Conference in 2021 and we hope to “see” you all there.