2024 IEEE Region 5 Student Robotics Competition

Welcome to the 2024 IEEE Region 5 Undergraduate Student Robotics Competition! 

The objective of the 2024 student robotics competition is to demonstrate the use of an autonomous robotic system within a confined area to push a button at one end and return to its starting position. Then, the robotic system will perform a series of maneuvers with competitors in the same arena moving from charging station to charging station until a singular robotic system is left in the trial. The initial game field simulates a known task and environment while the competitive time trial presents unknown factors with competitors and power optimization challenges. 

Join our Region 5 Discord Server to stay up to date with the Competitions!  Please contact theIEEE Region 5 Student Activities Chair if you have any issues with joining.  Previous Robotics Competition Rules are available here. 

Eligibility: The competition is open to teams of no more than 5 and no less than 2 undergraduate students who are enrolled in a college or University within the IEEE Region 5 boundaries. The competition encourages a multidisciplinary approach to robot development and recognizes the participation of students who may already be members of SAE, ASME, EEGS, etc. Therefore, only one team member will be required to be a current IEEE Student Member. The students must register for the IEEE Region 5 Student Conference. 

Important Dates

  • Last Day to Register – Saturday, March 13th, 2024  
  • A Bill of Materials for the robot, including itemized and total cost, is to be submitted by each team by March 31st, 2024.  
  • Four (4) preliminary round game fields and at least one elimination round game field will be available starting the Friday April 5th, 2024. 
  • Competition Day – Saturday, April 6, 2024 

Intent to Compete 

Each team MUST complete the online Intent to Compete form. Teams should join the IEEE R5 Discord Server so that you will have access to the detailed rules and updates, student Q&A and scheduling.

Intent to Compete

Team and Student Registration 

Each student on a team planning to participate in the competition must register on the IEEE Region 5 Conference website. When you register, you will be asked whether you are a member of a team competing in a Student Competition; if so, which competition, and which team. Please use the Robotics Team Name that was submitted on the Intent to Compete form. 

Non competitors can register as R5 Boosters for access to the Robotics Competition Hall. 

Questions & Assistance with Intent to Compete Form

Contact the Student Robotics Competition Chair, Dr. Jeff Dix, for assistance with your Team’s intent to compete. Use the IEEE R5 Discord Server on the #robotics-general channel for all other competition questions.

2024 IEEE R5 Student Robotics Competition Rules