Region 5 Student Cyber Challenge Rules

Welcome to the 2024 IEEE Region 5 Student Cyber Challenge! 

Refer back to the 2024 IEEE R5 Conference website as the rules will continue to be updated:

The 2024 IEEE Region 5 Student Cyber Challenge will feature a Cyber Steal the Flag Competition. The competition will start at 9am on Saturday morning and go to 2pm with a working lunch. Teams of 3.

Basic Competition Rules:

  1. Do not manipulate or hack the scoreboard or other competition infrastructure.
  2.  Do not breach or manipulate another participant’s game.
  3. Do not share challenge solutions with other participants not on your team.  
  4. Do not be the person that causes us to create more rules in the future. 

Join our Region 5 Discord Server to stay up to date with the Competitions!  Please contact theIEEE Region 5 Student Activities Chair if you have any issues with joining.  

Eligibility: The competition is open to teams of 3 undergraduate students who are enrolled in a college or University within the IEEE Region 5 boundaries. One team member will be required to be a current IEEE Student Member. The students must register for the IEEE Region 5 Student Conference.

High School Teams Eligibility Requirements: High School student teams may participate in the Cyber Challenge with an IEEE Student Member (undergraduate student enrolled in Region 5 college or university) as a team sponsor. Any cash prizes awarded to a high school team will be awarded to the student branch of the IEEE Student sponsor. Conference registration for high school students will be separate from the main conference registration. Please contact the IEEE Region 5 Student Activities Chair with any questions.  

Intent to Compete

Intent to Compete and Registration 

Each team MUST complete the online Intent to Compete form (below) to declare their intention to participate. 

The first team to register from each student branch will have priority unless otherwise designated by the branch counselor. Other teams from the same university may be allowed as space permits. 

Team and Student Registration 

Each student on a team planning to participate in the competition must register on the IEEE Region 5 Conference website. When you register, you will be asked whether you are a member of a team competing In a Student Competition; if so, which competition, and which team. Please use the Team Name that was submitted on the Intent to Compete form.